Below are my current books. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Encouraging Autumn


Pete Halloway is either the most kind and caring man in the universe or he’s the most insane man in the universe. Autumn just isn’t sure which. 


When Pete offers her the answer to all of her problems, she has to decide if she can trust her instincts and his promises or if she needs to run the other way. 


There is nothing Pete won’t do to protect Autumn and her unborn child. He just has to convince her that his reasons are honorable and valid. 

Opaque Skye

Skye has just experienced a devastating loss in her life. But she vows that life absolutely must go on. Her family needs her now more than ever. When she meets a devastatingly handsome brewery owner she makes the decision that the idea of a little no strings attached fun might be just what she needs to balance the commitments she must keep and the sanity of taking a break from it all. 


Zak has no intention of changing his playboy ways, but when he meets Skye he decides he just might be the one to give her some time away from real life. As long as she realizes that he has no intention of becoming daddy to her little girl.


Fallen Rayne

As a prima ballerina, Rayne finally has all of her dreams laid at her feet until someone’s carelessness takes it all away from her. 


As the part owner of a microbrewery, Walt sees beautiful women all the time. As a fairly well known attorney, he can pretty much have any woman he wants. 


So why is it that the only woman he can think about is the one that believes she has lost all reason to live? And, can he find a way to give her one?

Sizzling Triskelion Motorcycles 2


Riley went into the Green Berets as a strong young man and felt like he came out broken both physically and psychologically. The things he had experienced were the things his nightmares were made of. When he is assigned to protect a young girl and her mother he will do everything in his power to keep them from any thing that could scare or hurt them, including his nightmares. 


Hannah has seen the results of Riley’s time in Iraq. She knows the pain he must have gone through and knows that he will do anything to keep her daughter safe. She has no idea what her wishes of sweet dreams mean to him every night. 


Can Riley find a way to fully leave the pain of the past behind? And can Hannah trust Riley with her heart as much as she trusts him with their lives?

Blazing Triskelion Motorcycles 1

Bryan Lawson stands for everything that Semper Fidelis means. He is always faithful, he was faithful to his squad, faithful to his family and faithful to his beliefs. As the oldest brother, he took on the role of patriarch when their parents were killed in a tragic accident. He became a Green Beret to support his younger siblings. After returning home, he opened Triskelion Motorcycles where he and his brothers not only work on bikes, but they use their military skills to protect clients and investigate problems. investigative firm.

Sophia Hartwell has always loved dominant men, but she made the mistake of starting a relationship with a man who was controlling, domineering and abusive and she paid dearly for that mistake. She has lived the last few years in a remote town in the middle of nowhere Colorado but it’s her brother’s wedding celebration that brings her back to her hometown. She has no problem with the fact that her brother hired a bodyguard for her. He hits all her check marks, tats, muscles, dominant and totally hot.

Bryan has always had a thing for a woman who gives a little bit of sass, but he can’t go there with his client. It would break all the rules and Bryan never breaks the rules. Sophia just might push him to his limits though, and she may even make him break his own standard of conduct.