Liam Willis had loved and lost. He had given his twenty years to the army and now it was time for him to find a quiet place to live in solitude. At least that had been the plan.


Robert Curtis had been a medic in the army. He worked his way up to a job at Walter Reed Medical Center. His twenty years were almost done and he had resolved to make a difference in the lives of the men and women who came home not the same as they had left. 


When Robert approaches Liam about a business plan that would give those soldiers a place to call home and a place to find a family, it becomes their goal to bring those soldiers out of the embers and help them rise like a Phoenix.


Phoenix Rising Security will be a place where they find hope and love. A place where they can overcome their past and form a new future.

An office romance between the staff they hire adds some lighthearted moments and some heat to the beginnings of Phoenix Rising.

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Samantha Wiley and her now ex-husband worked together to build their dream— owning their own bar. After the business and life end up too much, her Ex splits, leaving her to run the place alone. Thankfully, she isn’t the type of woman to back down from a challenge, and all the sexism and ignorance in the world isn’t going to stop her from achieving success.


Narcotics Officer Nolan Drake knows the drugs he’s chasing are coming from a local bar. Problem is, he doesn’t know exactly who’s in on it or where they’re getting the supply. This is his job, though, and hell or high water, Nolan will find out and lock up whoever’s behind putting this poison on the streets. His new job as a bartender is the perfect way to gain information.


Samantha, oblivious that Nolan is a cop, doesn’t hesitate to hire the confident, charismatic man when he applies for the position. Nolan can’t help getting involved with Samantha. The problem with the drug game is that the truth always comes out. While Samantha can’t fault Nolan for doing his job, she also can’t ignore being lied to. After all— she doesn’t really know Nolan… everything he said was just part of his assignment.


With Samantha back to running her bar, and Nolan chasing down what’s left of the drug ring, their lives seem to be going back to normal. But Nolan doesn’t want normal— he wants Samantha. With the proof of the drug ring trying to frame her, and his apology in hand, he does the only thing a man in love can do: beg for forgiveness. The only question is whether or not Samantha can see past her bruised heart and forgive Nolan for lying.

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Noah Robinson doesn’t like tight spaces, he doesn’t like loud noises, he doesn’t like the dark. All of that probably made a lot of sense for someone who had been in a foxhole for more days than he could remember, trapped between the good guys and the bad while they engaged in a war. When he arrived at Phoenix Rising Security, they convinced him to get a service dog to help with his PTSD. That dog had become his best friend and his salvation on more than one occasion. When Jack got bit by a snake, Noah will do anything, even step out of his comfort zone to make sure his companion gets the care he needs. 


When Harper Wilson sees a man carrying a listless, seemingly lifeless German Shepard into her small veterinary clinic, she senses that the dog isn’t the only one who needs to be saved. But can she help the dog recover and help the man heal from whatever it is that seems to haunt him. For some reason, she senses that the loss of his companion would feel almost like a death sentence for the man himself. She’s not sure she can help Noah with whatever it is that haunts him but she will do everything she knows to save his dog. 


Can Noah let go of his fear and let Harper into his life and more importantly, can Harper find a way to help share his burden and show him what love can do to heal both the heart and the mind?

Out of the Past-Phoenix Rising Security 2-May 2022
Out of the Fire-Phoenix Rising Security 4- August 2022
Out of the Pain-Phoenix Rising Security 5- October 2022