Below are my current books. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


His Christmas Joy Noel House 1


Carter returns to his old hometown feeling like an utter failure. Failed marriage, failed business, failed friendship. All he wants to do is hide and lick his wounds, until he sees his high school sweetheart. Is there hope that he can find happiness again? Can his Christmas be filled with Joy?


Joy returned to the hometown she had never wanted to live in again to help her aging parents. She knew being here would bring back way too many memories. Her mind was even imagining seeing the love of her life around town even though he had left for the west coast more than a decade ago.


When they have a chance encounter at the Christmas tree lot, will there be a way to find love after all the years apart?

Bound By Trust ebook.jpg
Bound by Trust

With the amount of lies told on dating apps, Jordan was ready to give up. He liked men, specifically older, dominant men.  Finding one seemed impossible, attracting them even more so.


When his best friend invited him to Club Amethyst, Jordan agreed. After all, what did he have to lose? At worst, he'd probably have sex, which was OK. But at best? Well, a boy could dream, couldn’t he?


Kyle had been a mistake.  Victor knew that. In the wake of their catastrophic relationship, he’d sworn

 them off for good. He refused to be responsible for another person again.  The risk was too great. 


So, when the owner of Club Amethyst asked him to look after their newest member, he reluctantly agreed.  It was mentoring, nothing too dangerous, right?


Yet the more time Victor spent with Jordan, the more he wanted him for his own. Could he banish his doubts and the fear of losing another partner? Or would he be faced with the ultimate horror - the ruination of yet another young man?

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Resistant Summer

Summer Lawson is tired of having her three brothers screen all of her dates. She’s an adult, she owns her own business, they need to realize that she can date anyone she wants. So she likes the bad boy type, they should keep their noses out of her personal life. He has a Harley-check. He wears leather-check. Tats, well that’s one that she can help change if he doesn’t. So it’s all good.


Jeremy Peters realizes that Summer may be misjudging who or what he is. But he can’t help himself. She is an amazing woman. If he can just get her to fall for him as a person, the rest shouldn’t matter. She is beautiful and creative and she just absolutely does it for him. They may come from two very different worlds, but that won’t be an issue if they both want to make it work, should it? I mean it’s totally possible, right? God, Jeremy hopes so.